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Refill Kits

Reduce + Reuse + Recreate

One of the best things about Sagebrush Candles is their ability to be refilled. 

You can re-order your favorites or try something new.  Sagebrush Candle Co takes pride in choosing the perfect vessels for our candles.  Not only are these beautiful candles when burning but the vessel itself can be repurposed for so many beautiful home décor accents.


compatible refill kits

Refill service available for any eligible container purchased through Sagebrush Candle Co.

Wax comes in microwavable pouch in a scent of your choice. Wicks are included with a wick tab to secure to your clean container.

Small Kits - single hole cheese mold, single hole sugar mold, 3 hole cheese mold + mini dough bowl

Medium Kits - 3 + 5 hole sugar mold, dough bowls, monaco, pottery short, pottery tall, mini pumpkin

Large Kits - 4 cheese mold, bread bowl, large pumpkin, large tree

how to clean your vessel

Once your candle has finished burning, let me show you how easy it is to clean and reuse them.

1.  Remove the wicks - they pop right out with a spoon.

2.  Turn your oven onto 'keep warm' - wax should melt in 10 - 15 minutes.

3.  Place your candle into the oven - place on a sheet tray just incase there is wax on the outside of the vessel you didn't see.

4.  Empty your vessel of melted wax into a paper cup or plate - once cooled you may discard.

5.  Wipe clean with paper towel.

6.  Your vessel is now ready for a refill!! or can be recreated or used as a beautiful home décor piece.

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