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candle care

tips for making your candle burn at it's best

Burn baby, burn!

Isn't it awful when your candle burns a tunnel down the center and never gets to the edge? Candles have memory, so you can easily avoid this. The first time you burn it, let it burn until its melted across the whole top. For larger containers like our dough bowls, this might take 2 hours or more.



Trim each wick to 1/4" before you light your candle again. This helps it burn evenly and increases the life of your candle!



You might notice after your candle has burned that the texture is no longer as smooth as it was. This is because we use all natural wax with no harsh chemicals (like paraffins) to keep it looking 'pretty'. Don't worry though, the texture does not affect the hot throw or burn time of your candle! And you can rest easy knowing you aren't breathing in anything harmful in your home.

Download a printable candle care card.

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