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Christmas Cookies

winter + holiday


mug scents

Cup A Joe

A blend of roasted coffee, vanilla bean, and a touch of maple syrup makes the perfect cup.


Black Tea

Orange notes, lavender, light musk, and woody nuances complete this blend.



A unique blend of citrus peel, clove bud, cinnamon stick, blended with sweet creamy vanilla for a spicy sweet drink.


Cocoa Mint

Rich and creamy, the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Balanced with lots of creamy peppermint.


Oak Barrel Cider

Delightful cider smells like its right out of the oak barrel. Apple, peach, with allspice and cinnamon all blended with an added touch of musk and vanilla.

Sweater Weather

Warm fuzzy sweater sitting by a cozy campfire. Scents of musk, vanilla and of course, campfire.

cypress + fig

Rich and distinct notes of fig with cypress boughs and balsam.

citrus balsam

A blend if fresh Citrus and balsam
smells like an exotic fruit garden.

oatmeal + warm honey

Smells of homemade oatmeal with a drizzle of warmed honey.



Cool refreshing blast of wintergreen. Chill you to your toes.


coconut milk + nectarine

A very calming scent with an airy freshness.

cardamom + tobacco

Robust spice, clove, cinnamon, with warm wood notes and sweet tobacco.


birchwood + cranberry

Sweet tart cranberries with notes of birch greenery spice and citrus.

caramel coffee latte

Crispy wafer with rich Caramel and notes of mocha.

warm gingerbread + masala chai

Rich warmth of freshly baked gingerbread right out of the oven accompanied by a steaming cup of spiced chai (delicious)! Fragrant notes of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise & cloves create a nostalgic return to the cozy season.


spiced cranberry

Mulled fruity-sweet berries, citrus, spicy cinnamon, clove, and a sugary sweet vanilla finish.

santa's pipe

A cozy scent with notes of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla, and tobacco.

pink tinsel

A citrus blend with pink grapefruit and tangerine, tart pomegranate with balancing notes of fir.


snow oak + sage

Sage and mint give this a freshness of winter mountain air. Hints of citrus blossom with an oakwood base.


london fog

Warm and milky tea is slightly citrusy and very creamy.


cashmere cardigan

Warm vanilla, elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber, and rounded out with
slightly detectable notes of fruity citrus.

cardamom tea + grapefruit

Grapefruit, ginger, cardamom tea, pink pepper, cinnamon + amber are balanced by cedar + vetiver for a sophisticated holiday punch redux.



bayberry + fir wreath

Earthy bayberry and fir needle combine for freshly frosted forest escapade.



orange rind + clove

Indulgent like a spicy, warm drink on a chilly day. Madagascar clove and orange rind
delightfully swirled together with zesty ginger.



maple chai + sweet cream

Sweet maple, grated ginger, brown sugar and buttermilk linger for memories of warm,
creamy pastries and decadent sweets.

Yuletide pear

Festive and fragrant spicy poached pear with a drizzle of creamy warm vanilla.


fraser fir

Creates the perfect holiday setting.
Cypress and zesty lemon peel fold into notes of evergreen and cedar, on rich base of
fir amber and moss.

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